Plumbing – Rates

JHDS Plumbing & Tiling is happy to display his full pricing criteria for plumbing and tiling work carried out in Stirling, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

For domestic/commercial plumbing repairs and maintenance, my first hourly rate is £50 and £40 for every hour thereafter, unless a set price has been agreed in advance.

Installations for showers and three-piece suits can be agreed in person at the time of quotation. So anything in your bathroom that needs fully replaced is easier to look at first in person.

Any tiling repairs and tiling jobs will also be discussed in person or photos may be given to help in advising on price. My set square metre labour price is £42 but agreements can be made in person.

Silicone renewal for a 1.7 m bath or any shower enclosure up to 900×900 – £145 including materials.

Re-grouting of all the tiling around a 1.7 m bath or 900 x 900 shower enclosure – £195.

Re-grouting of all the tiling around a 1.7 m bath or 900 x 900 shower enclosure including the renewal of all the silicone sealant – £295.

Now you can likely find cheaper regrouting/resealing services, or even complete it yourself. I would warn that there’s a lot that can go wrong, having heard plenty of horror stories of previous work done from customers. These range from, deep cuts & cracked tiles, to not using the correct materials for the job, dropping machinery, & finally zero customer service if ever there is an issue.

I have done likely tens of thousands of regrouts & reseals over 11 years, use the finest materials & finish every regrout with a spray grout sealer, Greatly improving the longevity of your grout/

When taking on larger plumbing jobs such as renovating bathrooms or installing a number of appliances, which could take anything from days to weeks. A day rate is offered of £225 (9 – 5pm Monday-Friday) or a half day rate of £112.50.

My rates offer excellent value for money, if you are looking for an Edinburgh/Stirling Plumber or Tiler, please give me a call on 07877 486939 or get in touch via our website.

John - JHDS Plumbing & Tiling

John – JHDS Plumbing & Tiling