Regrouting and Silicone Renewal Service

This is a service I’ve found myself doing quite a lot recently.

Even though I am a qualified plumber, I see this type of service needing to be done everywhere and what a difference it makes, as you can see from the before and after photos.

Regrouting Services in Stirling (before)


Regrouting Services in Stirling (after)


The build-up of mould and lime scale on tile grout and silicone sealant can make your bathroom look old before its days and can give off a nasty odour, not to mention is the leading cause for leaks around shower trays and showers over baths.

Stirling Regrouting Services

The service I offer is to cut and scrape out all the old mouldy silicone – (as new silicone won’t stick to old stuff), masking tape off the area and add a new, shiny, white, tidy bead of anti-mould silicone around your shower, bath, bathroom/kitchen worktop (anywhere, any colour).

Grouting Renewal Service

With regards to the grouting renewal service, I use a multi-cutter equipped with grout blade to cut out all the affected grout. Wipe down and re-grout with new grout and then to ensure a lasting effect, I finish off with a spray sealer to stop any more water from penetrating your grout.

Yes, it is a simple task when you know how, but a number of bathrooms I see this in is amazing. For a little money, the grout and silicone renewal can completely change the appearance and odour of your bathroom.

Typical Regrouting/Resealing prices listed below:

  • Silicone renewal on standard 1.7 m bath – £95
  • Silicone renewal on shower tray including up the sides of enclosure – £95
  • Shower silicone and grout renewal service for £295 (max 900×900)
  • For both walls around a standard 1.7m bath – £295
  • For larger areas please call 07877 486 939 for a quote

Note: Cannot re-grout mosaic tiles or replace a dark grout with a lighter colour. Also, tiles that have any sort of raised pattern would need to be seen before accepting job.

I can also assist with:

  • All tile and grout repairs
  • Full re-grouts
  • External tiling

All prices include materials

I would love to hear from letting agencies and landlords Edinburgh/Stirling that own a number of properties where we could come to an agreement on lower than normal prices for a larger amount of bathrooms.

Areas of Scotland Serviced

I’m able to regrout and reseal in the following areas of Scotland:

  • Stirling
  • Dunblane
  • Falkirk
  • Callander
  • Crieff
  • Auchterarder
  • Edinburgh
  • and surrounding areas

If you need any plumbing work, I’d also be happy to help.

Before silicone and grout renewal

Before Regrouting

Edinburgh/Stirling Silicone and Grout Repair (after)

After Regrouting

Regrouting work - before

Before Regrout and Seal

Regrouting work - after

After Regrout and Seal

Stirling Silicone Renewal (Before)

Before Resealing

Stirling Silicone Renewal (After)

After Resealing