Edinburgh/Stirling Plumbing Work

What I love about working as a plumber is the variety of jobs I take on, from the replacement of faulty internal valves or fittings to complete bathroom installations. I’ve been working as a plumber and tiler in Edinburgh (and soon Stirling/Dunblane) for 10 years and have dealt with a wide variety of plumbing problems.

I regularly repair and install basins/baths and take pride in carrying out a professional job, I understand bathrooms and kitchens are personal spaces and places you want to enjoy. I always tidy up after myself and will make sure you are totally satisfied with my work.

As well as internal plumbing jobs, I also carry out external work such as the fitting of external taps. If you have any plumbing work that needs to be looked at be sure to give me a call for a free quote.

I often replacing valves and repairs radiators or hot water storage cylinders. Seized or leaking valves/fittings can all be replaced or fixed along with any drainage fittings and pipework that has become problematic.

All moving parts have some kind of shelf life and when you add in the fact that all these parts are surrounded by water day in day out. I aim to keep your costs down and will only replace items if absolutely necessary.

Edinburgh/Stirling Leak Detection and Repair Service

Among the calls I get, a great deal are related to water damage and finding the source of the leaking water. The majority are usually having mouldy sealant which has torn away from the bath or shower tray. This may be hard to detect but over time this can cause an astonishing amount of damage to the floor beneath.

What sometimes accompanies mouldy sealant can be mouldy cracked grout which also contributes too many bathroom leaks. On top of the main two causes of bathroom leaks. I have detected and solved many leaks over my years as a plumber. From leaking fittings to blocked pipes, the causes and situations are endless.

Using my background and knowledge I aim to find the source of the leaking water, fix it and if superficial plasterboard work and tiling work, can also fix it up like new.

Where you would need a joiner or other specialist would be if the damage was severe and the question of wet or dry rot needed to be investigated.

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Thanks for reading this, I can help with any plumbing or tiling jobs, give me a call today for a free quote on 07877 486939 or get in touch via the website.