Silicone Renewal – Tiling Top Tips

This can cause water damage to the wall behind the area which can lead to instability in the wall behind the tiles, which would then need to be fixed. This can make the prices go up and the cash in your wallet go down – something we all dread. It is likely that water is [...]

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Why to re-grout instead of re-tile

Everyone will know exactly what I am talking about when the grout between your bathroom tiles starts to turn black and smell. It can be unsightly, leave an odour and cause serious water ingress leading to serious damage and leaving you out-of-pocket. In the 8 years of being a plumber/tiler, mouldy grout and mouldy weak silicone [...]

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Plumber’s Emergency DIY Kit

I've been working as a plumber and tiler in Edinburgh for over 5 years. I found that many people end up paying crazy amounts of money for plumbers, sometimes for the most simplest of things. I've compiled some tips, so that if things do go wrong you may be able to save a few quid. Plumber’s Emergency [...]

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